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BEAUTIFY: New for 2014

Yes, yes we know: it’s 2014. It’s a new year let’s be healthy/ blah blah and all that. However, the best thing about a new year for me, is there is often many new launches to look forward to- and each year the launches get more and more exciting due …



BEAUTIFY: Products of the Week

The products we just HAVE to tell you about this week: aka the ones our team uses on a daily basis.

You might have seen on the Notion Instagram that we were very impressed indeed with the packaging from Verso Skincare. Having recently started being stocked on Net-a-Porter, you know …



BEAUTIFY: Colour me Badd

I’m incredibly neurotic about hair maintenance and there is nobody that I trust with my hair more than the girls at Dalston’s Bleach salon. Since 2011, they have pioneered the dip-dye phenomenon, are responsible for the hair of women from Florence Welsch to Pixie Geldof (and, most importantly, my own) …



BEAUTIFY: Looking after dyed hair

I’ve just dyed my hair. It looks super glossy, I love the colour and I feel like the world is my oyster. Then I remember. Oh yeah- this probably won’t last long. Dang. I was so ready to take over the world.

Sound familiar? Um yuh. We know that looking …