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Actually Good Fashion Films: The Tale of Thomas Burberry

Actually Good Fashion Films is part of a masterbrand where we highlight above average bits of luxury branded content, music videos, etc, which are better than one would normally expect. In this particular instance, we would like to draw your attention to Amy Winehouse hagiographer and noted documentarist Asif Kapadia’s …



In Focus: Fryars talks pre-show nerves

It’s the bits that you never see from a performance that are often the most interesting. Onstage performance can take an artist over, but just like any other artiste, pre-show nerves take effect. It’s one of the things we’re loving about Burberry’s collaboration with Noisey, the Sound & Rhythm project. …



In Focus: Brit Rhythm Rules!

It’s easy to forget as residents of this sceptre isle, that we make or are the origin of practically all brilliant music. Britain sets the trends, has the infrastructure to birth and nurture young, exciting talent and the network of enthusiasts to support new bands. And what’s more, we’re pretty …



Ella Selects: LFW SS14 Preview

Every season, London’s fashion designers grow, morph and reinterpret their collections, importing fresh new ideas, pushing themselves in new directions and developing their signature looks to create what is the world’s most exciting, creative fashion week. And every season, we’re stunned and thrilled by what we see. For September’s womenswear


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Interview: Darren Kennedy

It was a month ago now, but it feels like yesterday when we got chatting with Darren Kennedy at LCM. A well-known figure over in Ireland, Mr Kennedy is a stylist, presenter and columnist on TV and in the papers and was recently voted Ireland’s Best Dressed Man. That’s a



News: Fashion Illustrator Joseph Larkowsky vs LCM

Anyone feeling London Collections: Men withdrawal symptoms? Well, here’s something to cheer you up! The fantastic Joseph Larkowsky has given us a few illustration gems to share with the world.

His Collection of eight illustrations were created with utilitarianism in mind, and the step of some designers retreating back to …



BEAUTIFY: Spring Scent

Two of our favourite Spring fragrances for the coming months. Keep an eye out for these and more in the April Issue of Notion out next week!

Burberry’s new take on a classic, pictured here is the Burberry Body Tender milk that’ll make your skin smell like a bouquet of …



The Quiet Revolution: Single sole shoes are back

Designers have written a new manifesto of elegance for spring. This brand new vision of the future is a statement in understatement, and the single sole pump is the silent killer to nail the trend, says Rena Niamh Smith.

Browse street style snaps of the very fashion forward in the …



News: Astray Clothing – combining androgyny and marginality

Astray clothing is a new venture straight out of Shoreditch by film director Ben Charles Edwards and Burberry model Oxford Nielsen. Their novel approach to clothing sees them launch a unisex brand of urban apparel which draw inspiration from fringe cultures around the world. This includes symbols inspired by …



LFW Blogger Interview: Dan Hasby-Oliver

Today’s blogger interview is with Last Style Of Defence writer, Dan Hasby-Oliver. Dan is a menswear writer, specialising in trend analysis. So basically, if he says something is shit hot, jump on it like a fat lass in a chippy. Here are Dan’s predictions for LFW…



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