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Review: Monegros Desert Festival

There’s more to raving in the desert than Burning Man you know. Indeed, long before the famed ‘playa’ earned its hedonistic reputation, there was another festival in Spain already championing such unlikely destinations. The aptly-titled Monegros Desert Festival, situated in the heart of the Spanish wilderness, is the setting in …



Interview: MC Gaff E

Notion’s online editor Seb Law recently caught up with the rather dazzling MC Gaff E for a chat about her globetrotting lifestyle, rich visual style and the influences that make her so, well, colourful…

Planet Notion: Your live shows are very visual. When you’re writing music, do you think about



Interview: Blond:ish

Ahead of their set at Fabric on Saturday, we had a chat with DJ duo Blond:ish.

Having lived in London and Montreal have you noticed a big difference in the dance scenes here, or are they pretty similar? I heard the sound systems at Montreal clubs are way better.



Album Review: Fabric 59: Jamie Jones

By the time you’re reading this Jamie Jones and his Crosstown Rebels associates will be on their way back from the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. It used to be rockstars who held us in thrall of their enviable, free roaming ways, now it’s a certain tribe of …