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Field Report #5: Techno Troops, Tasty Morsels and the Extrordinary Tony Benn

Festival season, like an impending wave of low pressure threatening to burst our river banks, is upon us. And to get our taste buds tingling, organisers have been chomping at the bit to let you know of their exclusive headline acts ready to define our summers. These days, the great



News: Rita Ora tweets single cover

When she’s not getting a 3am McDonald’s with bestie Cara Delevingne or becoming a film sensation in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Rita Ora is actually a pop star. So it comes as no surprise that she’s plonked the artwork for her new single on the internet, is it?…



Introducing: James Wolf

From its very first string of balearic, canned chords, ‘Heart & Soul‘, the second single from London’s James Wolf had us hooked. The follow-up to last year’s ‘No Danger’, it’s a hugely infectious melding of pop, house and disco awash with another tropicalia to feel perfectly suited to



BOTW Premiere: Clubfeet – ‘No Evil’ Mixtape

It’s more than a little apt that our BOTW, Cape Town-via-Melbourne five-piece Clubfeet, have opted to supply us with a mixtape that’s formed in the majority from remixes and alternate edits. After all, not only have the quintet just released a new EP made up of remixes from their …



Laki Mera – Turn All Memory to White Noise

One of the best things about growing up in Glasgow was the opportunity to immerse myself in one of the strongest musical heritages in the UK.  The Scottish Album of the Year award, recently awarded for the second time to RM Hubbert, shows that the quality of music coming …



BOTW Review: Close – Getting Closer

Will Saul is perhaps most famous for setting up Aus Music and Simple Records, producing some ravishing remixes – such as his brilliant recent re-imagining of Little Dragon‘s ‘Crystalfilm‘ – and manning the decks everywhere from London to Australia. But now under his new alias, Close, …



Album Review: James Yuill – These Spirits

James Yuill has been the thinking man’s pop-crumpet for quite some time, creating diverse albums of folk-influenced pop, and his new offering These Spirits is no different. So deftly creating music in that ever so difficult echelon of ‘credible pop’, Yuill’s third album is a well-mastered symphony of 80s’ synths …


This Instant

Club Beat #50: Preview: Marco Bergman, This Instant EP

 Room 01 Recordings feels the fire this summer and comes at you with Marco Bergman’s This Instant EP’, containing two hot tracks and three blistering remixes!

Marco Bergman developed a love of music at a young age, inspired by his father who played the piano. His DJ …



Pop Musik #7

Enough airbrushing to satiate a year’s worth of fashion magazines? Amazing choreography? A woman in her fifties wearing impossibly short shorts? You guessed it, Madonna has a new video!  Now, let’s get one thing clear: I love Madonna. But even I, as a fan, sometimes can’t help but think, “Ooh… …



‘Date Weekend’

When my ridiculously good looking friend broke up with his long term girlfriend earlier this year, I was on it like a rat out of a trap. “I’ll go on a date with you,” I offered. “Fuck off. I’ll never go on a date with you,” he sneered in his …