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Interview: Tre Mission

Our urban music editor, Trina John-Charles, recently caught up with grime’s favorite export and newest Big Dada signee, Tre Mission. They talked about his current album ‘Malmaison’, clashing on Lord of the Mics and grime’s grimy secrets are exposed.

Planet Notion: You first heard about grime through a niche



Album Review: Born Ruffians – Birthmarks

On Birthmarks, Canadian indie-rockers, Born Ruffians, have managed to craft a bright and high-spirited album, that doesn’t sound patronising, annoying or empty-headed.

The opening track and first single ‘Needle’ immediately grabs listeners by the heartstrings. The simple, natural indie-pop backbeat and the high-pitched chorus sweep you from your …



BOTW Moodboard: Young Galaxy

Our BOTW, Canadian five-piece Young Galaxy, has just dropped their fourth full-length album, Ultramarine. Their sound is unique, inventive, and brilliant, all qualities that set us thinking, “What’s trending with Young Galaxy these days?” The artists have provided us with this insightful moodboard, explaining the art, music, literature,



BOTW Review: Young Galaxy – Ultramarine

Listening back-to-back to the two albums that bookend the career to date of Canada’s Young Galaxy – their self-titled 2007 debut, and this year’s Ultramarine, their fourth full-length – feels like being in the presence of two entirely separate musical entities. However, while the spacey indie-pop of the …



BOTW Interview: Young Galaxy

With their glorious fourth album, Ultramarine – a hugely visceral, romantic re-imagining of modern synth-pop – due out on Paper Bag next week, Canadian five-piece Young Galaxy gave us an insight into the record’s Swedish production, their attempts to mix up the songwriting process this time around, and why it’s



BOTW Track: Young Galaxy – ‘New Summer’

On Young Galaxy‘s Ultramarine, an album that’s crammed full of sweetness, nostalgia and romance, there aren’t many moments as swooningly gorgeous as ‘New Summer‘. On the surface, it’s ostensibly a track about making the most of your time in this life: being carefree, savouring every moment …



Introducing our BOTW: Young Galaxy

When Young Galaxy‘s Catherine McCandless belts out “I don’t care if the disbelievers don’t understand” on ‘Pretty Boy‘ – the opening track from the Canadian five-piece’s latest album, Ultramarine – you can’t help but believe her. Across their four full-lengths to date, McCandless and co. have been …



Oval Space Cinema Club present ‘Laurence Anyways’

Next Tuesday 19th February, Oval Space Cinema Club will be screening the young Canadian director Xavier Dolan‘s award winning ‘Laurence Anyways’; an ambitious piece that explores the nature of love, gender, sexuality, and above all else the journey of self-discovery.

The film was originally released in November 2012 and …


BTraits header

Moodboard: B Traits

The cute as a button DJ and record producer B Traits swung by Notion to let us know what inspires her. Originally hailing from the West Coast of Canada, she now resides in our fair city and given her recent successes, I can safely say we will be hearing much



Interview: Blond:ish

Ahead of their set at Fabric on Saturday, we had a chat with DJ duo Blond:ish.

Having lived in London and Montreal have you noticed a big difference in the dance scenes here, or are they pretty similar? I heard the sound systems at Montreal clubs are way better.