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Now Hear This: 02/11/13

We’re not really about lists. We like longform interviews and in-depth analysis; wordy think-pieces and lengthy reports. But that’s partly because we’re music-loving writers and there’s nothing we love more than the sound of a keyboard clacking satisfyingly with the sound of our own thoughts. Hey, at least we’re honest.



Track Premiere: Carnivals – ‘In Her Eyes’

On ‘In Her Eyes’, the second track to be unveiled from his forthcoming Yearn EP, Sheffield’s Stewart Green – aka Carnivals – continues to trade in the highly romanticised style of ambient balladry that’s seen him a perennial blog sweetheart for the best part of 18 months now. Sure, he’s …



News: Kindness – Carnivals (The Soft remix)

Sheffield producer Carnivals -aka Stewart Green- dropped split single Kindness/Swallow The Sky earlier this year. winning listeners over yet again with his combination of floating, ethereal songwriting and atmospheric beats.

Remixed by Cambridge electronica upstarts The Soft, ’Kindness’ has now been reworked into something equally special. The remix blends …