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LFW: T.Lipop

LFW Interview: T.Lipop

Showing immediately after Asger Juel Larsen in a double bill, grindhouse-esque show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, T.Lipop showcased his similarly military inspired collection. Both the brand aesthetics of Larsen and Lipop are widely contrasting; but actually worked together walking back to back surprisingly well. WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT IT??

Like Larsen’s …


LFW: Christopher Shannon

LFW: Christopher Shannon

Fashion’s favourite luxury sportswear designer brought a punk aesthetic into play for AW12. Set against a girly backdrop of pink, silver heart balloons, lace, silks and general female fashion chaos, Christopher Shannon’s models stormed down the runway in all their skinhead, hard-man, hyper-masculinity.

Black, white and a dash of navy …



LFW: Ashish

Are you sitting comfortably?

“Let’s begin. Let go of all those thoughts swirling around your head; release. Sit back, relax your body and…breathe.”

Anyone would have thought Ashish was trying to calm us all the fuck down as self help words of wisdom sounded throughout the room. Well, it is …


DSC_0184 ed

LFW: Ashley Isham

Elegant exuberance were the buzz words that enraptured the crowd at the Old Sorting office, this evening. Ashley Isham showcased evening wear excellence with his lace emblazoned, leather layers – a statement cape, cover-up and a glittery, gold short suit were personal highlights. The cape made a recurring appearance, rendered


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LFW: Pringle of Scotland

Today everything was running late, once the first show is late there is evidently a knock on affect as each black car ferries each editor to the next show which is waiting patiently for them to arrive. Once we finally made it into the building, we noticed the entirety of



LFW: The Portal A/W 2011- All Our LFW Coverage in One Place

Once again, this Fashion Week we’ll be Tweeting (from @NotionMagazine, with the #pnlfw hashtag) and blogging incessantly to bring you our news on the highlights as far as shows and presentations are concerned. Our team of writers, photographers, fashionistas, scenesters and random celebrity friends will be reporting on only …