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Stephen Einhorn 2000-Year-Old Thames Wood

Studio Visit: Stephen Einhorn

Heading into the warren behind Stephen Einhorn’s London studio feels much like going through the gates at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory: strange machinery, experimental rooms, an army of (admittedly full-size) artisans working and magical creations coming out from the end of the process. In short, Stephen’s workshop is nothing


Feather Ruff

Four and Twenty Blackbirds: The Art of Jess Eaton

Jess Eaton fuses fashion and fur in an unprecedented way, creating intriguing and often challenging pieces that question the industry’s approach to animal products. We sent Andrew Gonsalves to interview her and find out more about the inspiration behind such an odd mix of media.

The idea for the first …



Film Review: Prometheus

In a homecoming of sorts, Ridley Scott returns to the same universe of his classic Alien (1979), with Prometheus. Although not a direct prequel, there’re always dangers when referring to past works and perhaps issues about whether or not the new one can be judged on its own terms.…