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Let’s Get Foxes To Number 1

Photo taken from Notion 61, with photography by James Anastasi and styling by Natalie Hubbard

Remember way back in Notion 61 when we introduced you to Foxes as part of our ‘New Girls On The Block’ feature? Well, the Southampton born songwriter has only gone and rocketed straight into the …



Pop Musik #1

Fabulous blogger Jack Murphy explores this week’s goings on in the UK Top 40. 

It’s been a busy week in music this week, choc-full of new releases, leaks and new videos…

The first new video to come to my attention this past week was Florence + the Machine’s video …



NEWSIC: Behind the scenes on RITA and Tinie T

A behind-the-scenes-special for you at Planet Notion and a sparkling ensemble from the new RITA ORA starring the fabulously trendy Tinie Tempah! Her new song had a debut play on Twin B’s BBC 1Extra radio show, February 29th 2012, but this is us going that extra mile for you true …