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Celebrating Dance Mania’s First Decade: 1986-1997

Dance Mania is legendary. Its acidic, testosterone-filled releases defined a genre, merging hip hop, techno and house music into one heady mix. Not one to bow down to social constraints, the label became synonymous with terms such as ghetto-tech or ghetto-house, due to the rapid fire kicks, snares and bass, …


Supreme Cuts photo 1 SMALL

Meet our BOTW: Supreme Cuts

Since their emergence at the beginning of this decade, it’s felt as though Chicago production duo Supreme Cuts – comprised of Windy City residents Mike Perry and Austin Kjeultes – have been a ravenous ride through pop and electronic culture. Whether they were pursuing what the pair describe as “ambient,



BOTW Playlist: The Flight

We asked our current BOTW – London production duo The Flight – to throw together a playlist for us of the tracks that have inspired them, not just on their debut Hangman EP, but as songwriters in general.

The pair – comprised of Joe Henson and Alexis Smith, who’ve previously …



Preview: Waxwerks, Leeds/Back to Basics 21st Anniversary

Occupying a void that greatly needed filling in Leeds’ music scene, Waxwerks – a specialist electronic music retailer by day; a club by night - was opened in the city earlier this year by Back to Basics residents Frenchy and Tristan da Cunha. In what sounds like a frankly lovely …



Club Preview: Society Warehouse

It was summertime of last year and Marshall Jefferson was headlining the bill. A friend rang while I was in the queue.  She and some others were trying to find the warehouse party.

I told her to walk deeper into a dark alleyway. Trail the sounds of chit-chatter. Let the …


Azari and iii General Shot 2011 Online

BOTW: Azari & III Stream of ‘Manic’ Remix

The third single to come from our BOTW, Azari & III will be ‘Manic’ released on 7th August, be sure to write that down! As a teaser for the release the Canadian group as sent out a remix of ‘Manic’ done by Chicago house veteran, DJ Sneak. The track is …



Introducing Band of the Week: Soft Metals

Our Band of Week hails from across the ocean in Portland, Oregon, and is, in fact, couple Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall. At the time of the pairs first meeting, Ian was living in San Francisco when he came to DJ at a party thrown by Patricia in Portland. Ian …



Review: Clips & Space – Giom

Summer associations: sun-possibly-rain (dependent on optimism-efforts), £1.97 BBQs, casual-(over excessive) day drinking…and house music. Summer’s soundtrack is never too far from the pulsating, rapt pounds and soulful reverb of a house track.

Easy but not lazy the beat and tone submit to the vibes, the poolside, the crop tops and …



Converstation with Kurt Vile En Route

Kurt Vile is on the road. There’s a slight echo over the phone, a sort of tinny sound found only in small spaces provided to you by the back of a smallish van, and the window is down as the vroom of passing vehicles intersects our conversation.  Today he is …