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king dinosaur

Track Premiere: King Dinosaur – Float

We’ve always had a bit of a penchant for woozy electronica (aka ‘chillwave’ and a thousand other neological genres); thing is though it’s hard to do well and memorably, when the whole idea behind the music is to make you disappear into a duvet of shimmery electronic dreamscapes. What you …



UK EXCLUSIVE: Shigeto – Huron River Drive

We’ve been fans of Ghostly International multi-instrumentalist and beatmaker Zach Saginaw’s (Shigeto to his fans) work ever since we stumbled across his stuff back at the beginning of 2010 when his first EPs were released. Riffing on the ever-popular chillwave vibe, Shigeto’s six years of jazz training in both NYC …



Friday Mixtape #12: Leopard Of Honour

Leopard of Honour is the brainchild of David Roocroft. His pseudonym is in homage to a track by one of his favourite current musicians Destroyer, he’s a former member of a garage punk and he used to work at Boomkat, where he sat writing reviews on sonic of all …


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Introducing our BOTW: Cave Painting

You may have noticed on PN there has been quite a bit of chitchat about chillwave of late. What it is, what it isn’t, who it is, who it isn’t. But rather than get bogged down by definition, and because everyone enjoys a good old wagon ride, I am going …



BOTW Download: Summer Camp – ‘Nobody Knows You’

How’s about one final hurrah with our luscious BOTW Summer Camp? Well we’re pleased to announce we’re ending on an elevating high with a sweeter than sweet MPFree. Once you hit play on this hazy record you’ll all agree there’s no better way to lift off the weekend than with …



BOTW Interview: Summer Camp

It’s day three of our BOTW bonanza which only means you’re moments away from being treated to an exclusive interview with the delightful pair of musical mavericks that comprise Summer Camp. Here the beguiling pair discuss the surreal tale behind their stellar debut album ‘Welcome to Condale’, collecting other families’



Album Review/Interview: Simian Ghost – ‘Lovelorn’

The term “chillwave” has been thrown around relentlessly since it was unleashed onto the music world, with innumerable acts placed into this genre, whilst countless websites and music magazines have written features dedicated to solely defining what exactly chillwave “is”. But I’m not going to dwell on the definitions of



BOTW Album Review: Summer Camp – ‘Welcome To Condale’

The nearest to a summer camp adventure I ever got was a week in blustery Buxton with Guides failing at archery and sleeping on a pillow covered in spider corpses.  But one blast of the woozy, nostalgic ‘Welcome To Condale’ and the splendidly sweet sonic of Summer Camp eradicates those …


neon indian corect

Review: Neon Indian – ‘Era Extraña’

Before you yell into the air to rebuke HMV for selling you a naff, scratched CD, don’t. Those warped Game Boy bubbling noises and skewed spacey echoes underpinning ‘Era  Extraña’ are supposed to sound that, well, warped. But what more would you expect from Alan Palomo, father of hypnagogic pop …



Album Review: Blitzen Trapper – American Goldwing

Blitzen Trapper’s sixth studio album ‘American Goldwing’ sounds like it’s been dropped into 2011 oblivious to the context and trends of now. The sound is so faithful to the 60 and 70s America that it seems sacrilegious to put these songs onto an iPod* (*other MP3 players are also …