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LFW: 10 people we DON’T want to see

(featured image: Stefania Yarhi)

The irony of London Fashion Week is that whilst being witness to the most cutting edge fashion in the world, which will soon come to define what the aesthetics of the future will look like, you are also faced with extreme ugliness – a vile


new cards

Preview: Your Own High Fashion Battle

Fashion point-scoring exists in all parts of fashion dialogue, from the conversations between the gate keeping doyennes of taste on an international level, to breaking down the merits of that girl across from you on the tube.

Similar in many ways to the rules of scrabble, a Chanel suit may …



High Heels & Low Lifes: Achraf Amiri

With Fashion Weeks approaching we’d be fools not to publish these incredible drawings by Achraf Amiri. Already making a splash online across Europe, the Belgian illustrator has the fashion industry’s peculiarities nailed with his caustic and beautifully observed pictures. Often annotated, Achraf’ work casts a cynical eye over Fashion-land’s …