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Brolin September 2014 approved

Moodboard: Brolin

Producer/singer/everything-er Brolin‘s ‘Swim Deep’ is an incredible penso-banger: a metallic autumn sort of a track, perfect for late afternoon blue hour strolls in the crisp industry of cold winds. We loved it so much we had him compile a moodboard of the surprising influences that go in to making



Short Sighted Cinema

Short Sighted Cinema will be taking over Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, on the 18th of next month for their February Edition. The evening will consist of screenings of short films from the leading and emerging underground talents in film-making, alongside Q&A, a bit of booze, and some top notch cinephilic banter.…



BEAUTIFY: Collection Avant-Premiere de Chanel

Getting ready for a Premier? Okay, maybe not. But a night out is good enough. Inspired by movie icons, the new Collection Avant-Premiere from Chanel is all the brightest and most sumptuous hues that’ll be sure to make you stand out, wherever you are.

Giving you the perfect excuse to …



Film Review: The Sweeney

Adapted from the cult show from the 70s, The Sweeney is a police drama about testosterone filled tough as nails police, who ignore the rules and get hassled by the ones behind desks who’ll only get in the way. Except now in 2012, and with far higher production values, maybe …



Film Review: Lawless

Based on a novel, written by the grandson of one of the bootlegging brothers featured, Lawless is the gangster film adaptation of The Wettest County in the World. The world it shows succeeds in seeming both authentic and looking spectacular; it features a great cast, on good form, yet it …



Film Review: The Possession

The latest in a long line of demonic possession films, including The Exorcist, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Last Exorcism, The Possession’s main deviation is that it doesn’t feature “Exor” in its title and it features a shifty, haunted wine box. The rest is fairly standard, which can …



Film Review: Battleship

The recent history for American action films based on Hasbro toys didn’t inspire a great deal of confidence for Battleship; GI Joe and the Transformers trilogy were bad, and in the Battleship trailer there were plenty of visual similarities to those. Though maybe doing a film based on a …



Film Review: Wrath of The Titans

Despite dealing with Gods, Titans and flying horses, the 2010 remake of Clash of the Titans was tedious and lacked any of the original’s charm. But with the back-story now established and the whole of Greek mythology to play with, I hoped that Wrath of the Titans could be less …


jean gabin header copy

Working Class Hero to Godfather, Mr Jean Gabin at BFI Southbank

A forerunner of French cinema, Jean Gabin’s career is celebrated this May 2012 in BFI Southbank, London, with both silent films and the talkies featured. Starting with Jean Gabin: Anatomy of a Myth, on Wednesday May 2nd an introduction from season curator Ginette Vincendeau (a Film Professor in King’s …



Marley Movie Musing

It’s a cheap unimaginative way to start a review, but I’m going to say it anyway: If you see just one movie this year, please make sure it’s Marley.  Like most people I have his greatest hits album, Legend, on my ipod, and can recognise Three Little Birds within a …