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Moodboard: Audioglider

While his debut album may only be coming out this year, Audioglider is hardly a new artist. Having released tracks in the 90s under various pseudonyms (including Backdoor man and Pastaboy), Audioglider’s first big break came in when two tracks were released on Nick Warren’s GU30 Paris, followed by two …


Brolin September 2014 approved

Moodboard: Brolin

Producer/singer/everything-er Brolin‘s ‘Swim Deep’ is an incredible penso-banger: a metallic autumn sort of a track, perfect for late afternoon blue hour strolls in the crisp industry of cold winds. We loved it so much we had him compile a moodboard of the surprising influences that go in to making



Tassimo Vivy: We love coffee

Without coffee, the Notion offices would be a barren land of half-asleep fashion and music writers unable to function. Well, Tassimo have released the Tassimo Vivy, one of the most compact drinks machine around. If that weren’t enough, Tassimo have teamed up with Costa coffee which means you can get …



Pact Coffee: Get it While it’s Hot!

Last fall, during a quick East Coast (of America) wander, I found myself with a bit of time to kill while visiting NYC. I had an hour or two before I caught the coach back to Boston (my home) I figured that I would grab some quick stimulation for the …



Make a Perfect Starbucks Coffee at Home

Whatever your morning coffee ritual is, it always seems difficult (read: impossible) to replicate that coffee house taste. I don’t know what it is, no matter how carefully you brew a morning pick-me-up, it never quite matches the barista-made cup you grab on the way to work. Thankfully, The VerismoSystem …



BOTW Video: LCMDF – Paranoia

Our BOTW, LCMDF, have just released their new video for ‘Paranoia’. As well as the track being a flipping awesome modern guitar pop anthem (you’ll be singing “PARANOIA! Give me a break!” by the second verse, guaranteed), we’ve found that the video itself includes some super modern and current #trends. …



Interview: The Idler Academy

We like to think of the Idler Academy as a bit of a sanctuary: a place to learn, to satisfy your literary cravings and to take part in a series of inspiring events and activities, the Idler Academy promises to turn education into something that’s actually fun. If you’re one


LCF logo square final

London Coffee Festival preview

Coffee is the new sex.  Ok…not quite, but it is definitely sexy.  And hot.  And if it’s done right will even give you a head rush.  What’s more, it’s officially having a bit of a ‘moment’, with boutique coffee shops (staffed by some swoon-worthy baristas) springing up all over the …


joe1 - Copy

Joe Brummell #15 – Wash With Joe?

Don’t worry, the Joe in question isn’t me – it’s Joe as in coffee! How much do you like coffee? I like it a lot, actually that’s an understatement, I love it. Like alcoholics love booze. I’m a morning person – always have been. Unless there’s no coffee to be …



Top of the Shops- Present

Head of the hipster menswear brigade of shops dotted around Shoreditch, Present is a concept boutique for boys.  The clean, minimalist space is filled with high quality brands as well as an in-house label, plus a selection of books, magazines, gadgets (zippo lighters, bicycle accessories etc) and world class coffee …