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Tramlines festival 2013 review

For the fifth July running, Sheffield was turned into a weekend long street party as revellers soaked up sunshine, beer and music from all genres and walks of life giving off a unique vibe. The inner-city festival, Tramlines, showcases the cities arts, culture and musicians who shone proving there’s


Credit: HBO/BBC

Interview: HBO/BBC Family Tree’s executive producer Jim Piddock

He’s the king of ‘documentary style comedy’ (don’t call it ‘mockumentary’ – he says he’s not mocking anyone) and now Christopher Guest is back with his new TV series Family Tree starring Chris O’Dowd as Tom Chadwick, a down-and-out guy trying to find his roots through genealogy.

But Guest didn’t …



News: Secret Forum unveils comedy and speakers lineup

So we’d already established that this year’s Secret Garden Party is going to be massive, but the announcement of Secret Forum‘s comedy and speakers lineup has brought the excitement to a whole new level. The Friday will see upcoming stars such as Justin Moorhouse (Phoenix Nights, Looking for



LOCO London’s 2nd Year of Comedy

LOCO London is, for the second time, showcasing several comedy films for our enjoyment at the always lovely BFI Southbank and two new venues: the Hackney Picturehouse and Lexi Cinema.  From January 24th to the 27th, LOCO will showcase a handful of comedies, some more indie-minded and some featuring big …



Brainchild Festival

Brainchild Festival celebrates its inaugural weekend in Wokingham at the end of the month.

The brand new arts festival, choosing to support local artists instead of headliners and big names (a bold move), features a variety of live music, spoken word shows, comedy sets and film screenings over the course …


How Deep is Your Love

Video Premiere: The Rapture- ‘How Deep is Your Love’

What could be funnier than a man smaller the size of a mouse serenading a group of elderly church women? Well, in The Rapture’s most recent video, for their track, ‘How Deep is Your Love’, lead singer Luke Jenner is that tiny little man. Like an Oompa Loompa from ‘Willy …


TheEnd of the Road 2

Late Summer Bliss: End of the Road Festival 2012

Have you ever just wanted to get away? Like really get away and escape the chaos of life? Take a satisfying, scenic road trip and pitch a tent somewhere lush and green to just chill out listening to the sound of the blending harmonies of nature with all your favourite …



Edinburgh Free Fringe: #3 and #4

Head on down to the Pear Tree for the outdoor stage which will feature a selection of musicians and bands doing their thing, regular barbecues, AND is next to the Counting House Free Festival venue. With music from 1-8pm, and for the first time a second Free Music Festival Stage, …



Edinburgh Free Fringe #1: Horse & Louis

Edinburgh’s Free Fringe festival returns for its 16th year between 6th and 27th August, bringing an array of comedy, cabaret, improve, theatre and music to name but a few of the 321 shows across 37 stages. We’re picking five acts that we think you have to go and see, and …



Patrick Wolf Jumps On The Apple Cart

One of our favourite artist to blast in the office for a bit of inspiration is most certainly Patrick Wolf. So, when we found out there was another opportunity to see him live this summer we jumped at it! This year, there is a new festival coming to Victoria Park, …