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clarins instant light trio

BEAUTIFY: Instant Light

Ever wondered how some girls just seem to glow from within? There skin never looks dull and they always seem happy. You know the ones? I suspect you find them as annoying as I do. I’m speaking out of jealousy- why can’t I have that ‘glow’?

Well, I’ll tell you …



BEAUTIFY: The Cleanse

If there’s one word that’s floating round more than any at the moment, it’s ‘cleanse’. Along with ‘detox’, ‘rejuvenation’, and ‘gym’…. but we’ll come to those lot later.

Right now, it’s all about the cleanse. Yes yes, drink lots of water. Yes yes, eat well. But you also need to …


Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 10.51.56

BEAUTIFY: 3 Winter Saviours

When it comes to beauty, simplicity rules. Especially in winter when skin can be dryer, and conditions outside are harsher on your skin. I know it’s supposedly still autumn, but come on- we all know this dip in the weather at the moment isn’t going to reverse itself for a …