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Groomed: REINVENT Leave In Conditioner

Like many men, I can’t deal with a lot of fuss; I like to keep things simple. This extends to most areas of my life, including hair care. I have often found it amazing how the opposite sex can spend so much time putting in countless products for different aims …



BEAUTIFY: Tommy Guns

Squeaky clean hair is here in the form of Tommy Guns. Known for the understated Soho salon, Tommy Guns products are available for you to use in your home.

Notion Tap Tested- the new Bergamot & Inula Shampoo and Bergamot, Inula & Manuka Honey Conditioner made my normally easily oily …



BEAUTIFY: Back to the Beach

I know, I know the sun has been out for two minutes and I’m already talking about the beach but… come on, I know you’ve been thinking about it too. And even if you can’t get to a beach I’m going to let you know how to have hot-surfer-beach-ready hair …


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Beautify: HAIR-AY!

Hair. It’s always a tricky one. It seems to be one of the few bodily parts which has a temper. One day it’s happy and bouncy, the next it’s sad and flat. It’s also extremely susceptible to the world around it- humidity in the air can change everything. Speaking as …