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BEAUTIFY: Willow Organic

Organic. It makes everything seem a little on the poncy side doesn’t it? Organic coffee, organic carrots… Can you really tell the difference? Probably not.

However with Organic skincare- it’s a different story. You can tell a difference: your skin shows it to you. And that’s a big thing for …



BEAUTIFY: Portable Radiance

Is it just me, or did this winter come around pretty suddenly this year?

It seemed that after the hot summer the temperature hung around the 17-degree mark for two months before suddenly plummeting a few weeks ago.  This shift in temperature has meant that not only is almost everyone …



BEAUTIFY: Marine Technology: drink it up

The secrets to sopping wet skin…

Not many people are blown over when I let slip the best hydrators come from the sea. Now I’ve said it, it does sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it? Marine technologies in skincare aren’t a recent breakthrough they’re just always one to shout about.

The …



BEAUTIFY: FREE Crème de la Mer (Well, kind of)

Ever dreamed of having a Crème de la Mer pot on your beauty stand? No doubt it’s the dream of many- the luxury and science behind the famous brand and it’s unique Miracle Broth are the stuff of dreams. But the price, oh the price. A dream you can only …



BEAUTIFY: Products of the Week

Which products have caused a fuss in Notion HQ over the last week?

1. Egyptian Magic

To call this a multi-tasking balm doesn’t quite cut it. It can be used on your cuticles, on spots, on cuts, or even on the tips of your hair. It softens, heals and gives …



BEAUTIFY: Aerin Summer Seashell Color

While Britain basks and blisters in the middle of this prolonged heat wave make-up wearers have to fight against their carefully applied products slipping down their face during the course of the day.  Summer tends to lend itself to lighter formulas and brighter colours, which comes in handy when your …



BEAUTIFY: Big is back with Bumble

Although you won’t perhaps be going quite as big as Cara and co backstage at Sister by Sibling AW13, big hair is in. That means volume and curls are exaggerated. This weather sure does gives you ‘volume’ but not the kind you want- it’s not about out of control frizz, …



BEAUTIFY: Friday Loves

What are we loving at the end of this week (and hoping will see us through the weekend ahead…)?

Here’s what.

That’s right, there’s a drink that makes you beautiful. Well, it sure doesn’t make you ugly. With no sugar or preservatives and low levels of sodium, the new drinks


Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 13.36.25

Introducing: Adian Coker

Not usually a rap kinda gal, I figured the trans-Atlantic praise for new talent Adian Coker warranted giving his stuff a listen. Even to my untrained ear, it’s obvious this South London hustler’s got some skills. Everything Adian creates is written and produced by the man himself, successfully fusing hometown …


Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 16.37.02

BEAUTIFY loves: L’Occitane

L’Occitane- the shop that I can get whimsically lost in smelling products and pretending I’m in the South of France again.

With two new exciting launches, it was time Beautify talked about this sacred place. First up, La Collection de Grasse which launched five days ago, and which I have …