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Crookers: ATM Interview

Italian dance-floor smashers Phra and Bot teamed up in 2003, bonding in Milan over a shared love of hip-hop and electronic music. Working together to create their own ‘crooked’ beats sprinkled with signature glitch-y basslines, they created a sound that was refreshingly unique to their un-inspired local scene.

 Massive critical



Interview: Crookers beat the “hipster disease”

Italian electro duo Crookers took the scene by storm last year with the release of their first full length. Sure, many of the tracks were already staples of their live set, but ‘Tons of Friends’ was nevertheless still a refreshingly stomping listen. Deeply eclectic, the album was followed by a



Review: Southern Fried and Tested 3

Southern Fried is the label run by Norman Cook, which releases everything from disco and Latin-tinged house to electroclash and even straight-up pop. Over the past twelve years, it’s put out tracks from artists such as Armand Van Helden, Kurtis Mantronix, Space Cowboy, Cagedbaby, Crookers, Grandadbob and even Mr Sir …



Sun, ski, beats and schnapps. This is Snowbombing

Austria gave the world Mozart. They also gave the 1980s Falco, and Ultravox wrote a moody song about its capital city. It’s also revealed itself to be home to some less than savoury characters (cough cough not naming anyone, Joseph Fritzl). Luckily for Kara Simsek, she didn’t meet anyone …