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Album Review: Cults – Static

New York-based Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion aren’t just sugary pop duo Cults, they were also lovers, but this has recently changed. Static is not just a farewell record, it’s a break-up record: perfectly channelling both sides of their split, but sadly putting a hold on Cults for the foreseeable …



BOTW Review: Guards – In Guards We Trust

The few tunes trickled out by Guards from their debut album, In Guards We Trust, ahead of its release, sounded like fun, sunny American road trip tracks. Take, for instance, the ridiculously carefree ‘Ready to Go’, where you can hear the American rebel coming through, as they …



Introducing our BOTW: Guards

As the Great British summer begins to gradually – make that very gradually – creep into view and festival season begins to raise its hazy, hungover head, we here at PlanetNotion have found ourselves longing for the sort of monumental musical moments that have you shouting along into the wee …


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BOTW: Cults Stream ‘You Know What I Mean’

One of our favourite songs off of the Cults debut album, ‘You Know What I Mean’ is up for stream and it’s a must listen! The song shows off the Cults signature ’60s sound with Madeline Follin’s powerful voice letting it all out on the chorus. The tune will help …



BOTW: Review of Cults Live and Recorded

Band of the Week, The Cults, held residence at the Scala earlier this week (24/05) and the record sounds amazing playing from the stereo, but could they hold up live? There’s always some trepidation seeing a band live for the first time, we’ve all been to a show where the …



Interview: BOTW Cults Talk About Their Sudden Success

Band of the Week, Cults are on a non-stop tour to promote their self-titled debut album and we were lucky enough to catch up with them in Shoreditch for some Courvoisier, sun, and when it’s time to admit you were in a cult.

PlanetNotion: You were studying film at the


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BOTW: Cults Video For ‘Abducted’

The Cults continue to amaze as Band of the Week, this time with their video for single, ‘Abducted.’ We learned that the band sent out a list that included a winding road at night, characters with interesting faces, and a desire to not perform, but only be in the video …



Band of the Week Introducing: Cults

There are no shortage of ‘couple bands’ on the market, so when The Cults came across the Planet Notion desk there was some eye rolling for yet another happy, ‘creative’ couple. However, after listening to their self-titled debut album we’re slightly worried that the relationship between Madeline Follin and Brian …



Track of the Day: Cults- You Know What I Mean

In anticipation of their album release in May, Cults have given us their brand new track to play.  The song, ‘You Know What I Mean’, is being released as a single on Record Store Day, which falls on 16th April.  A limited number of Cults’ 7″ vinyls will be distributed …



New Kids On The Block: CULTS

Gorgeous boy-girl duo CULTS are hot property right now, having been given stark-ravingly wonderful reviews by many a music lover.  Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin uploaded a couple of their songs in only summer last year, and before you could say BBC Sound of 2011 everyone from the likes of …