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News: River Island Cycle Collection

We’ve said it before and We’re sure we’ll say it again, but functionality is fashionable. River Island have aware of this fact, which is why they’ve announced their RI Cycle range, a capsule collection for the ‘modern cyclist’. The collection includes reflective trims, curved hems and has water resistant zip …


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News: Oliver Spencer x Vulpine

Oliver Spencer have teamed up with cycling apparel specialists, Vulpine, to launch a limited edition tailored cycling blazer. The jacket is perfect for those moments where you’ve got to cycle to a meeting, and combines effortless style with the technology and ergonomics essential for battling the urban racetrack. The …



Heels on Wheels

This Autumn, Pitango Bikes is launching a female-only urban bike course that is designed to make cycling more accessible and less intimidating to women nervous about riding on London’s busy roads.

With current statistics showing that females only make up one quarter of regular cyclists in England, Pitango decided to …


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Interview: Mikill Pane

Mikill Pane‘s new track “Dirty Rider” has been building a lot of hype for his upcoming album Blame Miss Barclay. With the release of The Dirty Rider EP, Pane is getting bigger and bigger, on the brink of wide acclaim.  We recently caught up with him and …


Vulpine Xmas fete full res

Vulpine Cycling Fete

Cycling apparel brand Vulpine wants to celebrate the hobby/sport/lifestyle that it loves, and since the holidays are a generally accepted time to celebrate with a bit of extra flair, they’re going all out this year for their Vulpine Cycling Fete.  A celebration of all forms of cycling (I assume that …


Giro Reverb

Cycling: Giro Reverb Helmet 2012

Jim Gentes started Giro in Santa Cruz, California in 1985, in 1986 Jim designed a helmet with only a few vents and no shell with a cloth cover, you’ll know this helmet if you took cycling proficiency in the 90s, THIS design is what you wore and Jim Gentes is …