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Guest Playlist: Waze & Odyssey

UK house duo Waze & Odyssey are one of the hottest pairs on the electronic music circuit, and have been commanding the scene since their emergence in 2012. From their mythical back story (the two were said to have been US orphans raised on a diet of house and soul), …



Interview: Phoenix

Wandering, lost, through Brixton Academy’s labyrinthine backstage tunnels is a frightening enough prospect in itself, let alone when you know that one of the world’s biggest bands is lurking somewhere in the building. But no worries: eventually, I do manage to find Phoenix in a noisy upstairs room. The four



Interview: Sega Bodega

Scotland has been making up for creating the bagpipes over the last few years, producing one underground electronic music star after another. From Hudson Mohawke to Numbers, it’s now the turn of Glasgow’s Sega Bodega, or Salvador Navarrete as he is more uncommonly called, a producer who is



EP Review: Digitalism – Lift

It’s always been difficult to situate Hamburg duo Digitalism within a context. Here’s the dilemma. Are they lost remnants of late 90s, post-Daft Punk Paris? Glowstick-wielders of the NME-proclaimed ‘07 nu rave? Or merely Soulwax copyists? No one really knows. And actually, why does it even matter? Relied upon …



Album Review: The Stepkids – Troubadour

Once, on a grey day in a London office, I was reading an article in that great San Fran magazine The Believer. I remember Peter Coviello incisively discussing the “million-petaled flower of Steely Dan‘s uncoolness”.  I was struck by this phrase. Not only because it is a completely …



Album Review: College – Heritage

In the world of music, France and electronic pop are the perfect combination. M83, Justice, Kavinsky and Daft Punk are to name but a few of the French electronic powerhouses and Nantes native David Grellier is no exception to this never-ending list. Heritage, the third full-length from …



DARKSIDE set to release decut album ‘Psychic’

DARKSIDE are set to release their debut album, Psychic, on October 8th. Forming after touring together for several years, Nicholas Jaar and Dave Harrington drew on their vastly different backgrounds to create a hybrid of electronic music and psychedelic rock, now producing critically acclaimed tracks such as ‘Golden Arrow’. The …



Interview: Smiler

South London rapper, Smiler, is back. His new mixtape, ‘The Coming’, has recently been released, so we catch up with him to talk about his new 12 track package.

Planet Notion: Your new mixtape ‘The Coming’ is quite a mixed bag in terms of style, but noticeably quite retrospective


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Album Review: ESCORT – ‘ESCORT’

Well, here I am again extolling the virtues of disco on these pages. Are you bored yet, because I’m certainly not. Perhaps in a post-Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories world, it’s time to reassess our approach to this genre. One of the key things about disco, and RAM as well, …



Interview: Lightning Dust

Approaching the release of their third album as Lightning Dust, Black Mountain members Amber Webber and Joshua Wells have cultivated a unique portfolio of work that, while not entirely removed from their main project, has certainly established its own sonic voice. Fantasy, which is out today on Jagjaguwar