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Interview: Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs is the archetype for slow-burn success. It’s been ten years since the Indiana-born rapper released his debut mixtape ‘Full Metal Jacket’, and since then he’s been relentless, furnishing his fans with regular mixtapes and EPs.  Moving from Indiana to Los Angeles, Gibbs continued to put out vast quantities



Now Hear This: 12/10/13

We’re not really about lists. We like longform interviews and in-depth analysis; wordy think-pieces and lengthy reports. But that’s partly because we’re music-loving writers and there’s nothing we love more than the sound of a keyboard clacking satisfyingly with the sound of our own thoughts. Hey, at least we’re honest.


frankie jax

Introducing: Frankie Jax

Frankie Jax is a rising 16 year old Kenyan born rapper hailing from London. Inspired by Kendrick Lamar and Gangstarr, he has just released his first mixtape Cloud 9 Flow including his amazing track ‘Still Waiting’ and is one of the youngest and most anticipated UK rappers to rise in …