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News: Cultural Programme @ Rosenfeld Porcini

Coming up this Friday night (May 24), Rosenfeld Porcini will be launching their much-anticipated Cultural Programme, with an exclusive performance from Belgian experimental sound artist Raymond Delepierre.

Founded in June 2011, Rosenfeld Porcini distinguishes itself from the surrounding galleries of London’s Fitzrovia by moulding a unique and dynamic identity. …


KX Filling Station - John Sturrock

Vauxhall Ampera Forethought Series

Vauxhall will be taking over the Kings Cross Filling Station for a series of events in July.

The three-night event or, as it’s otherwise known, the Vauxhall Ampera Forethought Series, will take place over three nights between July 10 and July 12 and will feature a variety of events, including …



Shambalans Say: “Find Your Inner Animal”

Remember when we spoke to our mates at Shambala music festival a while back? (if not, here’s something to refresh your memory). Well, don’t ask us how, but since then the conversation has turned in a dramatically different direction to the usual what-is-happening-to-the-state-of-the-music-biz chatter. Shamanic workshop anyone?

Fifteen years …



Shambalans Say: ‘Protect the Punk’

We were chatting to our mates over at Shambala Festival recently about their event, and we got all passionate and riled-up about ‘the state of the music industry’ and the usual things that music journos talk about over their 4th pint on a Wednesday. We gave them carte blanche