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BOTW Playlist: Mas Ysa

In the final installment of our week spent getting to know the confessional electronica of Woodstock, NY’s Thomas Arsenault – aka Mas Ysa – the Montreal-born, Brazil-raised producer talks us through seven tracks that have directly impacted the way he views and consumes music.

From the monumental, sky-touching sounds of



Album Review: Delorean – Apar

Delorean’s sound is distinctly hard to pin down – it’s electropop alright, but one that oscillates between a minimalistic simplicity on the one hand and swelling refrains full of vox synth, 90s-style bright pianos and some pretty damn intense 80s drum beats on the other. And, if you like a …



Introducing: Black Orange Juice

The latest project to come from the ever fruitful mind of Hyperdub‘s Ossie (here alongside his best friends, Paul Black and Tilz), Black Orange Juice vibe on sleek, soulful house with more than a pinch of garage’s more introspective side. With a debut EP, 3 Started Alone, set …