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BEAUTIFY: Weatherproof skin

The seasons are ‘a changing. And God knows what that means in the UK. Wind, rain, hail- a really hot day thrown in here- sub-minus temperatures, heating on full, hot baths, air conditioning, more hail- a flash flood. You know, the usual. And if any year has proven itself to …



BEAUTIFY: Blemish be Gone

I don’t have perfect skin- I can admit that. I don’t have awful skin, but it’s not exactly the glowing air-brushed look you’d expect a beauty editor to have. Now you might think- but you have all the products to try; surely your skin is great? Think again. Using too …



BEAUTIFY: Marine Technology: drink it up

The secrets to sopping wet skin…

Not many people are blown over when I let slip the best hydrators come from the sea. Now I’ve said it, it does sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it? Marine technologies in skincare aren’t a recent breakthrough they’re just always one to shout about.

The …



BEAUTIFY: Post-holiday skin

The fact that you could come back from holiday without perfectly sunned and smooth, healthy looking skin is not usually something you think of. I sure didn’t think it, but sadly- it did happen to me. A holiday to Italy translated itself in my head as tan, cocktails and um, …



BEAUTIFY: Keep Calm with Dermalogica

Dermalogica has been pioneering skin health for over 25 years. Once you use it, your skin is changed forever and well, you get hooked. Like a bad drug, except it makes your skin great so there aren’t any downsides.

Our newest addiction? The UltraCalming range that focuses specifically on products …



BEAUTIFY: Prime Mates

I always used to hear so many things about primers and think- pfff! why would you need another moisturiser under your make up?. Lately however, I realised my mistake. Primers add that extra shine to your make up that is usually described as ‘dewy’, plus it helps your foundation stay …



Joe Brummell #23 – Dermalogica

While some of us obsessively check the weather forecast in the vain hope of a white Christmas, the cold snap in the air is having a noticeable effect of many peoples’ skin. Icy winds and sub zero temperatures are turning a lot of us into rosy cheeked, red nosed Rudolphs. …