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BEAUTIFY: Weatherproof skin

The seasons are ‘a changing. And God knows what that means in the UK. Wind, rain, hail- a really hot day thrown in here- sub-minus temperatures, heating on full, hot baths, air conditioning, more hail- a flash flood. You know, the usual. And if any year has proven itself to …



BEAUTIFY: Smell you later

… that’s what I say to my beloved collection of candles when I leave the house everyday. (Not *at all* inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme…)

I love candles. And chances are- you love candles. I like buying them, looking at them, taking them out of their …



BEAUTIFY: In the Issue

It’s a universal idea in relationships – the taking or ‘borrowing’ of each other’s belongings – the sight of a girlfriend stealing the boy’s oversized jumper, the boy borrowing her underwear… OK, maybe not the second one. But when it comes to beauty and grooming products, where is the line …



BEAUTIFY: The candle obsession continues

Perhaps we can blame the fact that they have become a staple on all fashion blogs, but candles – and especially those from Diptyque Paris – have become one of the most coveted things around. So much so that blowing £40 on a candle seems the done thing, because, well, …



BEAUTIFY: A new Diptyque!



A new launch from Diptyque is upon us… (drum rolls please)


Yes, I’m a little obsessed what some would say are too-expensive candles. But you know what? I don’t care- they make me happy. So happy that I made a GIF to show my excitement.…



Joe Brummell #48: Diptyque ‘Volutes’

Fragrance houses don’t come much more grandiose than Diptyque, steeped in rich history, Diptyque has been around for well over half a century now. Founded in Paris in 1961, three artisans, united by their love of creativity and design, opened a shop at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain. Their idea was to …