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Hey Carl, Can We Be in Your Band Please?

On New Year’s Eve, presumably following one too many bottles of ye old honesty juice, he of the Libertines/Dirty Pretty Things fame, Mr. Carl Barat, announced to NME that he didn’t “want to be a solo artist anymore.” After necking another bottle of Merlot, Mr. Barat continued: “I want the



Fave Fives of the Week #4

Hello! It’s been an eclectic, hectic week of events. The best of British with a slice of Italian glamour! This week’s Fave Fives is all about Appreciation..

No 1. Plug and Play Festival –Westbourne Studios, London

I’m not the festival going type but it was indoors and in aid of …


goldie kimono back (2)

Dirty Pretty Things: Where Lingerie Meets Art

Goldie isn’t necessarily a name that you’d associate with lingerie. The erstwhile King of jungle music, drum’n’bass DJ and former James Bond villain has many, many talents, including being a collected, and rather popular, artist. He’s licensed one of his pieces to the luxe lingerie company Dirty Pretty Things, …