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Moodboard: Will Saul


The producer and DJ behind Simple Records and Aus Music, whose sound is self-styled “deep dubdiscohousetechno with flashes of soul”, pulls together an amazingly eclectic moodboard on the eve of the launch of his DJ Kicks compiliation. Read, learn, love. 


No Will Saul mood board would be complete …



Album Review: Digitalism – DJ Kicks

The DJ Kicks series of releases from !K7 Records has previously featured an impressive roster of talent: Gold Panda, Chromeo, Hot Chip, Four Tet and Annie have all contributed to the series in the past, and now it’s the turn of German electro duo Digitalism. But, I hear you cry, …


new gold panda

Album Review: Gold Panda Mix For DJ-Kicks

Oh wow, I was so excited when this came to me in the post as I’ve been following Gold Panda’s work very closely after the release of his first LP ‘Lucky Shiner’. Derwin Panda’s first EVER mix comes in the form of DJ Kicks.

After the successful release of Motor …


nico jaar

Boxhanging #2: Nicolas Jaar

There is far too much to say about this 19-year-old New York resident who, while perhaps not revolutionary, is a revelation at the very least. Raised in Chile until the age of 11 when his family relocated to their native New York (his place of birth), he always harboured a …