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Premier: Herbert – “You Saw It All” (DJ Koze Remix)

Herbert is a name that doesn’t really need an introduction, but to say that he is a pioneer of electronic music is a good place to start.  He innovated the idea of using real sounds and incorporating them into music.    Hell, we just posted recently about the celebration of his …



A Celebration of “Bodily Functions”

Matthew Herbert released “Bodily Functions” in 2001 and combined all of his ambitions as a house musician into one massively ambitious album. With sounds of teeth clacking and various other bodily noises, Hebert’s tracks hit some kind of strange euphoria that make it a classic.

In celebration of this classic …



DJ Koze Talks Eastern Electrics

Beginning his exemplary career as the DJ for German hip-hop crew Fischmob in the mid ‘90s, Hamburg’s own DJ Koze shimmied towards dance and electronic music respectability like a cloaked and whipped wit-cracker, to escape the dormancy he perceived to be infecting his first love, hip-hop.

Both his work as