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Interview: Luca Bear

Luca Orsini AKA Luca Bear, is an Italian DJ/producer based out of Pisa. His is a sound that’s hard to properly categorize, but if we were to try we’d probably call it something like good old-fashioned, rough, ready and raw house music. Heavily indebted to analogue ways of working,



Interview: Redinho

 It’s an exciting time for DJ, producer, songwriter and talkbox aficionado Redinho. After three years in the oven, his eponymous debut album is ready…and we all know that slow cooking is the key to a flavorsome entrée. We catch up with him to chat 80s funk, childhood soul heroes, the



Video Premiere: AGORIA presents 360

Last month French techno DJ, Agoria, played a unique ’360′ DJ experience in the Charmonix mountain village as part of the Black Weekend event. This experience invited the public to follow Agoria in an adventure that saw the DJ explore his artistry in an innovative way. Playing across four …


1 Credit Richard Herald

News: Havana Club x Gilles Peterson Remix Comp

Have you ever fancied yourself as a global remixing superstar? Well if you have, Havana Club is inviting you to remix a track and win the opportunity to spend ten days in Havana recording and producing some tunes with Cuban musicians and DJ Gilles Peterson. How lovely.

Havana Club’s authentic …



Interview: Uner

The past year has surely been the best in UNER’s career. He has reached outstanding positions in the Resident Advisor charts and even won Ibiza’s Newcomer DJ Award, but this year it looks to be even stronger for one of Spain’s most important artists. Since breaking onto the scene in



Embrace the Weekend: 07/02/14

It’s Friday, the weekend is nearing and all we can think about is the next bass-inducing night to send us into a careless state of electronic euphoria. To truly complete the full feeling of intoxicating soundscapes, we’re going to need a playlist to guide us through the overflowing realms of



Interview: San Proper

San Proper is one of Amsterdam’s finest DJ talents. Right now he is witnessing the bustling city at its vibrant best, with the clubbing world taking stock of the vast array of talent coming through the ranks. A staunch advocate of the Amsterdam scene, San still gets a great buzz



Event Preview: Night Tales

Launching on 7th November, Night tales combines street food, cocktails and live DJ sets in a mystical winter hang out. The event comes from the team behind Dalston Roof Park and Background Bars, who will be hosting the six week project in a transformed East London car park and Underground …



Interview: Dana Ruh

Dana Ruh might just be one of the hardest working women in contemporary electronic music. With a sound that expertly veers between house and techno, she has cropped up on numerous labels of distinction, with Ostgut Ton, Buzzin Fly and Cocoon among the imprints she has graced with her eclectic


BONDAX notion magazine

Issue 65: Bondax Interview

Whether you label them the future of house, the next Disclosure, or just bloody great music, BONDAX don’t really care. As SEB LAW discovers, they know exactly what they’re doing.

It’s happened again. I’ve gone all fanboy and got a bit obsessed. I’m in Croatia for a festival, and repeat-playing …