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Vans’ dedication to inspire artists, musicians and creatives is integral to their ethos. Now, with their documentary series, #LIVINGOFFTHEWAL, they have taken that commitment further. By utilising story tellers from all around the world, the series seeks to explore people existing in alternative narratives through words, images and moving pictures.…



Breaking News: Wiley Actually Turned up to Something

This might have something to do with not having to perform in a muddy field and instead, spend the day in a BBC 1XTra studio. Either way, Wiley arrived and a documentary was made.


Rizzle Kicks campaign with O2’s GoThinkBig a huge success

Last June Rizzle Kicks teamed up with GoThinkBig, the online platform from O2 that helps young people gain a foothold on the career ladder, to give almost 100 people the amazing opportunity of working on set with an industry mentor during the video shoot for Rizzle Kicks’ The Lost Generation. …



Interview: Baillie Walsh (Springsteen & I)

There’s only one boss. The Boss. And he goes by the name of Bruce Springsteen.

My love for Bruce began the first time my dad put on Born In The USA album on a family road trip and it hasn’t faltered since. Neither has it for the millions of Springsteen …


Credit: HBO/BBC

Interview: HBO/BBC Family Tree’s executive producer Jim Piddock

He’s the king of ‘documentary style comedy’ (don’t call it ‘mockumentary’ – he says he’s not mocking anyone) and now Christopher Guest is back with his new TV series Family Tree starring Chris O’Dowd as Tom Chadwick, a down-and-out guy trying to find his roots through genealogy.

But Guest didn’t …



News: East End Film Festival

This summer sees the East End Film Festival (EEFF) return for its 12th edition, in what will be its longest run to date. From June 25th to July 10th, London’s East End will be the home of two weeks of films and events, with 16 world premieres, 2 European premiers, …



Jamie Lidell Mini-Documentary with Yours Truly

In this case, that “yours truly” does not refer to me, but to the renowned video artist. With experience in ads, music videos, and many other varied forms of filmmaking, Yours Truly was the perfect choice for a collaboration with electronic/soul/funk master Jamie Lidell. Together they’ve produced a …



Searching for Sugar Man

Dir. Malik Bendjelloul


Review by Matt Mansfield


Why do people love films about losers? Does it make them feel better about their own lives? Take a film like The Shawshank Redemption, for example. It’s more than two hours of a man sent to prison for something he didn’t …


Mission To Lars 516 colourmed res credit Chris Floydss

Film Review: Mission to Lars

by Siam Goorwich

Forget obscure foreign language films with too fast subtitles, mind-numbing documentaries about far away places, or anything with a title you can’t pronounce.  If you really want to see something genuinely different, thought-provoking and utterly fantastic, Mission to Lars is the film for you.

Mission to Lars


planet rock

Documentary: Planet Rock and Other Tales of the 808

Coming in 2013 is a new documentary film telling the story of one of the most important technological developments in the history of modern electronic music; the Roland 808 drum machine. Planet Rock and Other Tales of the 808 is brought to viewers by Alex Dunn (You Know) and legendary …