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Actually Good Fashion Films: The Tale of Thomas Burberry

Actually Good Fashion Films is part of a masterbrand where we highlight above average bits of luxury branded content, music videos, etc, which are better than one would normally expect. In this particular instance, we would like to draw your attention to Amy Winehouse hagiographer and noted documentarist Asif Kapadia’s …



News: East End Film Festival

This summer sees the East End Film Festival (EEFF) return for its 12th edition, in what will be its longest run to date. From June 25th to July 10th, London’s East End will be the home of two weeks of films and events, with 16 world premieres, 2 European premiers, …



Interview: The Idler Academy

We like to think of the Idler Academy as a bit of a sanctuary: a place to learn, to satisfy your literary cravings and to take part in a series of inspiring events and activities, the Idler Academy promises to turn education into something that’s actually fun. If you’re one



Film Review: The Awakening

The Awakening is an old fashioned British chiller that’s more concerned about its feel and atmosphere than someone getting tied down and tortured. Set in the early 1920s, we’re told that “it is a time for ghosts” following the deaths of the Great War and the film explores a group …