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Moodboard: Kove

Sussex born Kove first became interested in music production in 2006.  Over the course of the following years he honed his skills, producing an electro-pop band before embarking on an adventure into dance music. His introduction came in 2010, after being invited to watch Brookes Brothers in 2010. Enthralled by …



Johnnie & Ginger

Johnnie Walker Red Label is a big, bold drink that demands a mixer to match – ginger is the only mixer that’s worthy of his name.

Johnnie, the man himself, has a history with ginger mixers. Brewing equipment and several barrels were found in his distillery, showing the hallmarks of …



Event Preview: Night Tales

Launching on 7th November, Night tales combines street food, cocktails and live DJ sets in a mystical winter hang out. The event comes from the team behind Dalston Roof Park and Background Bars, who will be hosting the six week project in a transformed East London car park and Underground …



Let the Creative Juices Flow: Endmor II- Limbo

The great thing about art is that it is ever evolving, and despite both positive and negative reactions to the change, new creative opportunities are always rising. Celebrating this idea, the Endmore Art collective is hosting their second exhibition that will defy any reservations you had about young artists. From …


TheEnd of the Road 2

Late Summer Bliss: End of the Road Festival 2012

Have you ever just wanted to get away? Like really get away and escape the chaos of life? Take a satisfying, scenic road trip and pitch a tent somewhere lush and green to just chill out listening to the sound of the blending harmonies of nature with all your favourite …



Ink, Drink, & Tattoos- ‘Sailor Jerry’ Opens Hotel Street in London

The great Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins has hopped across the pond  bringing with him some of his bad ass masterpieces. The Iconic tattoo artist has decided to share his love of ink with his friends in the UK opening the gallery, store and music venue, Hotel Street, on Thursday, April …



Cheers to the freekin’ Weekend

The sun is shining, the Friday feeling is resounding throughout every London office, it’s only a matter of hours before the Rekorderlig bottles are popping well into the eve.. oh, what an aptly time to tell you this.

As festival fun and summer sun encroach, the beautifully premium, Swedish export …



For Foodies Only – The Markets of London

There are plenty of supermarkets around London, with plenty of offers, but sometimes you may find yourself bored of mundane food shopping – even in organic shops. I found myself in that position, so I began looking for food markets around London, which isn’t just a lovely outing for the …


Madonna joins the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project

What did you do last night?

Today Smirnoff will launch their next Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project. The project takes 10 million people in 50 different countries to share and swap their most incredible nightlife stories. The goal- make the most exciting and unique night-out that will take place in many different cities all on the same …



Boxing Clever with Becks

Y’know what? We love Beck’s. Not only are they the producers of some of the most refreshing bottled lager, but they’ve also been supporting creative arts for a quarter of a century through collabs, labels and innovative projects. The latest instalment in that initiative is on a truly massive scale.…