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Introducing: GAPS

Brand new Sexbeat signings GAPS is the beautiful reunion between old school friends, Rachel and Ed, after many years apart. The dynamic of this Brighton-based duo sees Rachel singing and recording ideas using her laptop’s in-built mic, before sending them off for Ed to work his production magic. The two …



BEAUTIFY: It’s time to talk about Stockings

I’m afraid the time is here. Christmas. And whether you like it or not, and no matter how many times you say ‘but it’s not Christmas/December/winter yet’, the time has arrived and you’d better damn well pay attention.

And what’s the first thing we all think of when we think …



Interview: Blond:ish

Ahead of their set at Fabric on Saturday, we had a chat with DJ duo Blond:ish.

Having lived in London and Montreal have you noticed a big difference in the dance scenes here, or are they pretty similar? I heard the sound systems at Montreal clubs are way better.



Album Review: Death and Vanilla- Death and Vanilla

Death and Vanilla is exactly that. Darkness infused with hints of hope, vulnerability and mild sweetness. It is a very ‘cute’ record by the Swedish duo from Malmo, Marleen Nilsson and Anders Hansson. Death and Vanilla the second album following Hands in the Dark, is wondrous art. Much like a …