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Talent Emerging: Deepa Gurnani

We all (us girls) like a sparkly bit of embellishment at somepoint, so when I discovered accessories label Deepa Gurnani – think statement headbands, earrings and necklaces – I was grateful to see a unique idea come into fruition. The duo behind the label, Deepa and her husband Jay



Cinderela B launches new jewellery at Warehouse

Warehouse is one of the UK’s biggest retailers, and have now teamed up with London-based jewellery designer Cinderela B. Together, they are set to release eight handpicked pieces from Cinderela B’s current collection.

Rachel Jackson founded her luxury label in 2006, after setting up a stall in the infamous …



Maria Francesca Pepe for Urban Outfitters

Jewellery designer Maria Francesca Pepe is about to release an exclusive collection for Urban Outfitters; available in the UK and US, both online and instore, the collection of ’brutalist bling’ features crystals, crosses, studs, spikes and rope across rings, ear rings and bangles. Prices start at £15, while some …


The Fortune Of Loss: Fashion shoot.

‘The Fortune of Loss’ is shot by photography Adam Fussell, styled by Oliver Vaughn, Hair & Makeup by Yusra Uney and modelled by Anna @ Elite.

Dress – Hasan Hejazi (Archive)

Gorilla Coat – Katrina Ferrari, Dress – Beyond Retro, Belt – Joanne Hynes

Faux Fur Coat – Michael Kors, 



The Hautelist #19: Peace Jewellery

Modest as we are here at The Hautelist HQ, we always secretly suspected that our influence on society ran both broad and deep.  However, two weeks ago when we claimed trainers were the Hautest item of the week, we never could have predicted that this was going to prompt waves …



An Oxford Treasure Trove: Bridget Wheatley

Bridget Wheatley’s shop on Cowley Street in Oxford is a veritable treasure trove of exotic jewels. Beautifully simple in design, her jewellery is charming because of its imperfections; her charm pendants have rough edges and her pearl inserts are organically shaped. But whilst her flat heart necklaces and beaten-up gold …



Magpies Rejoice: Zoe & Morgan Jewellery

Fittingly, it was a Halloween newsletter that reintroduced me to Zoe & Morgan’s weird and wonderful gothic jewellery. Now before you yawn, this label isn’t all about crucifixes and skulls (although there are some of the latter). In fact it’s clear from the design duo’s use of Scarab beetles and …