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Moodboard: Teengirl Fantasy

While students at Oberlin College, Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi connected over a shared love of classic house and techno records that prompted them to make their colourful a-typical dance music. In the fall of 2010, True Panther Sounds and Merok released Teengirl Fantasy’s debut LP, 7AM. Titled after



Interview: Half Caste

Half Caste isn’t just any ordinary duo. For a start, there’s the music they release; ethereal, introspective fare, the likes of which laughs in the face of generic and sometimes predictable electronica. Their most recent effort, the Heritage EP on Flumo, is a lovely insight into their polished sound, with



It’s That Time Again… The Garden Festival!

The beautiful coastal resort of Tisno is set once again to host the Garden Festival for a 9th time. Between Wednesday 2nd until Wednesday July 2014, some of the hottest acts in EDM are set to take over this wonderful little location in Croatia.

The event has quickly …



Interview: Deadly Vanity

The Bohemian Yacht Club boat cruises have fast earned a reputation in Miami and Toronto not just for their debauchery-filled ways, but also for the sheer quality of music on offer. Having just kicked off the label to some fanfare, the first such individuals to perk up on the new



Album Review: Jagwar Ma – Howlin

Since Primal Scream and The Happy Mondays were conveniently taken under the wing of an entire decade’s worth of people who were as similarly smashed as they were, attempts to forge a crossover between rock and dance music have spluttered at best. There have been high points (the first few …



Introducing Our BOTW: Flume

Wikipedia may tell you that a flume is an artificial water channel. You may know the word in reference to the famous Logger’s Leap ride at Thorpe Park, or in the context of discussing water parks in British resorts such as Butlins, or Pontins.

But in this case Flume is …


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Review: Prok & Fitch

Beatport’s tip for 2010, Ben Prok and James Fitch  have taken the EDM scene by storm with their unique brand of infectious house music. They’ve performed throughout the world, launched their own record label and consistently produce outstanding tracks. The latest stop on their tour: Ministry of Sound, London.

Prok …