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Groomed: Elite Treat London Massage

In the heart of the bustling Leicester Square is the imposing and oh-so-cool looking W Hotel. Inside the hotel, away from the noise of the street is the Away Spa; this is where Jonathon Carson of Elite Treat London invited me to review his massage treatments.

Elite Treat London is …



BEAUTIFY: Radiant Orchid for 2014

As you know, sometimes here at Notion, we like being a little tedious. Or rather, making tedious links that generally make us have the LOLZ. This is one of those.

A couple months ago the Gods-of-all-colour-based-things, Pantone, named Radiant Orchid (posh name for purple) the ‘colour of 2014′. …


Man moisturising stock

Groomed: Top Beauty Buyers

The sale of mens grooming products has increased vastly in the past few years. With the male UK skincare market worth an estimated £600m, brands are taking note of the modern man’s desire to look his best at all times. That said, it’s also about the modern man wanting to …




It’s nearly Christmas y’all. You probably haven’t noticed since no one has been publishing their weekend tree activities on any social media. Not a soul. You also won’t have noticed that if you want to go to Oxford Circus at the moment, it’s probably a good idea to take a …



BEAUTIFY: Scrub up for summer (we mean it)

Body scrubs and I have always had a somewhat rocky relationship, for me there’s something weird about vigorously scrubbing painful lumps of guck onto my pale sensitive skin until it’s red raw and I resemble a lobster. But pain is beauty as they say.

When Elemis’ new salt glow and …



BEAUTIFY: Elemis Pro-Radiance

Now it’s no secret that here at Notion we’re big fans of everything and anything Elemis. But there’s a reason for that- their products are hot dang great. Most recently we tried out the new Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm and I know this  is the product for the summer. Bare- …



Fave Fives – Spring Edition

I could blame the late coming of spring for the long absence of Fave Fives but I won’t, it’s a bit of a long story. All that matters is I’m back now. This edition is a mixed bag as usual and includes; legendary fashion designer Michiko Koshino, Azzurra Gronchi and …



BEAUTIFY: Celebrating 10 years of Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

10 years! If a product has lasted for ten years and is still as popular as ever- surely that’s when you know it is worth trying. But if it’s not enough then perhaps the fact that in that time period it has also won 21 beauty awards- believe me now?…



BEAUTIFY: Mother’s Day treat with Elemis

Yes, it’s March. And that means Mother’s Day is only 10 days away!

What’s the thing we all dream of treating our mothers to on Mother’s Day? A spa trip of course. The problem with those however is that they tend to be quite pricey. The solution? British skincare and …



BEAUTIFY: It’s time to talk about Stockings

I’m afraid the time is here. Christmas. And whether you like it or not, and no matter how many times you say ‘but it’s not Christmas/December/winter yet’, the time has arrived and you’d better damn well pay attention.

And what’s the first thing we all think of when we think …