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BEAUTIFY: The Rise of ‘SmartPhone Face’

Apparently, our technology addicted generation is at higher risk of sagging jowls! We’re always looking down at our phones and laptops- giving ourselves double chins and losing the elasticity in our skin and muscles. This does not sound good. I will come forward and admit I spend 50% (okay fine…. …


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October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Before the boys take over November with their Mo’s, this month it’s all about the girls and their breasts. October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and what could be better than to raise awareness to a cancer which is diagnosed 50,000 times a year in the UK, which …



Fave Fives #9 – Pre-Fashion Week

Hello! It’s the end of summer even though it seems we’ve had more sun in September so far! This month is all about fashion weeks, more importantly London Fashion Week (LFW). I’m officially part of the Notion LFW team and will be covering the shows at-large.  This brings many challenges; …