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Interview: Looking Back on Three Years of Somethinksounds

Sitting back and absorbing the broad plethora of music on Somethinksounds‘ third anniversary compilation, My Love for You Is Analogue, it can be easy to forget that the Berlin-via-London imprint has only been around for three short years. Since its inception as a sidearm of cult online zine



Preview: The ASOS All Nighter

Ever sat at home on a Thursday night, content with the decision to stay in and watch re-runs of New Girl instead of joining the mid-week rockstars? Maybe that’s just the cold winter months talking, but imagine swapping Zooey Deschanel for Jessie Ware and an all-night house party from the …



Dimensions Launch Party 2013: Interview with Portico Quartet

XOYO has long since been a big player of underground London night scene, and what better venue to host the sweetest party in town – the Dimensions Festival Launch Party.

With a line up headed by Gilles Peterson, Funkineven and Portico Quartet, East London was kept vibing until …



Glasgow Night Life: Rubix

There’s something going on up north, and you all need to know about it. No, not Manchester, not even Newcastle –it’s Glasgow.

The biggest city in Scotland is rapidly becoming the number one destination to fulfil your underground electronic music needs. Gone are the preconceptions of deep fried food and …



Festival Report: Dimensions

Snap backs? everywhere. Hawaiian shirts (coupled with short-shorts)? Everywhere. Gimmicky tattoos and hi-fade haircuts? Everywhere. That’s right, the hipster Brits have landed, to leave their Dalston footprint all over Croatia’s face.

Billed as the younger, sexier and cheaper kid sister of Outlook, Dimensions Festival was new on the scene this …