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EP Review: Story Books – Too Much A Hunter

Good novels need to be well written with captivating characters, plot twists and a healthy dose of drama. Kent-based five-piece Story Books are beginning to show how they live up to their childlike namesake on their debut EP, Too Much A Hunter, thanks to the thought-provoking words of tender-voiced …



Reissue Review: College – Secret Diary/Teenage Color

Emerging from the French city of Nantes, College (AKA David Grellier), created a bit of a cyberstorm in the electronic music world with his song ‘A Real Hero’, featuring Electric Youth, which was the main soundtrack for the movie Drive. It was on constant rotation around …



BOTW Review: Eaux – i EP

In a pre-release interview for the i EP, Eaux frontwoman Sian Ahern heartily praised the merits of the EP as an art form, enthusing of it as “a beautiful, somewhat forgotten format… kind of like a novella or a taster menu,” – sentiments that strike true at the heart …


Ruben Mandolini Snatch027

Club Beat #34: A New Favourite: Ruben Mandolini – Snatch!027

So what’s got us chair-raving this month? It has to be Ruben Mandolini’s latest release on Snatch! Records, containing a certain track that’s been on heavy rotation in clubs and on radio shows over the last few weeks. Planet Notion is here to tell you all about it.

Italian musician, …



Album Review: Laidback – Cosyland EP Mini Album

Oh so cosy with Laidback’s mini album ‘Cosyland’ EP. Soul enriching, relaxing goodness, this small snippet of electronic treasure is not quite easy listening but not quite dance. You are definitely enticed by the deep softness of the voice in ‘Get laid Back’ and that is exactly what you are …



EP Review: 14th – ‘Hide Yourself’

With all the fun had over 11/11/11, and seeing as today is the 14th, we thought we would be ever so clever here at PN and introduce y’all to London duo 14th who, funnily enough, are also releasing their debut EP today. Now THAT is what you call synergy. Or …


Patrick Wolf

EP Review: Patrick Wolf – ‘Brumalia’

Some musicians are content with releasing an album, tour it, use a few songs that weren’t good enough onto b-sides of singles then hibernate. Patrick Wolf isn’t the conventional type. It was only in June when his fifth album in eight years was released, he has since toured the world …


the miracals

EP Review: The Miracals – ‘Give Me A Chance’

There is nothing worse than a damp, cold week-day in November where three months of winter are on the horizon. Californian four-piece The Smiles have gone through a name change and they are ready to bring their sunshine hope with their feel-good music. Now called The Miracals, they have …


Digital Press Image

BOTW EP Review: Cave Painting – ‘You’ll Be Running Soon’

So while introducing this week’s BOTW to all you lovely folks, I may have mentioned buzzword of the recent moment, chillwave. However I really only invoke it in its loosest signification: as in Cave Painting do not make spangly synth electro music, but that their music is very much of …


Picture 3

EP Review: Dirty Projectors & Bjork – Mount Wittenberg Orca

It was the simplest of meet-up stories for Bjork and Dirty Projectors’ frontman Dave Longstreth. The pair first collaborated in 2009 on behalf of a Stereogum benefit concert and then agreed to follow up their performance with a “bunch of new songs for us to sing together” – Dave.

This …