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get people

BOTW Interview: Get People

We talk to Dom – from our Band Of The Week, Get People – about being in London, production, video art, and cosmic inspirations. Cool guy.

Dan of Bastille said you were mates. He says you have a warehouse space in Dalston, right? Tell us a bit about that…
We’re …


glade 5

Festival Review: Glade 2011

It’s a good idea to go through your essentials check list before you get to a festival, because if on arrival you discover you’re missing two tent poles and a bag of pegs, you’re bound to feel a bit of a tit. And when this follows a five-but-should’ve-been-two hour car …



Album Review: Eskmo

It’s pretty clear that yomping, wombling wobbly-bass dubstep is the defining sound of 2010’s ‘new music’. With South London’s New Cross and Camberwell art-college districts forming a neatly-defined scene, a generation of young ‘uns has been filling the web with what is, in fairness, some pretty exciting music. James Blake’s …