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Issue 58 Feature: Becoming Real

A photo-story set in Toby Ridler’s live-work space in the famous Cable Street Studios; and a conversation concerning his revelatory, beautiful electronica. Taken from Notion Magazine Issue 58.

“There was something about using music as a sculptural form,” Toby Ridler is saying. “It was just something about working in …



The next chapter ‘Arcadia: Rebirth of the Femme Fatale’

Documenting James Selene Joseph’s intriguing and fascinating journey through gender, we present the fabulously alluring editorial ‘Aracadia: Rebirth of the femme Fatale.’ Showcased are pieces exemplifying passion, vulnerability, hypnotic representation, attraction and darkness. It is a mesmerising piece; eccentric, different and gorgeously exhibited for all to absorb and enquire into. …


trafalgar art web

Giant Snow Globe?

To summarise: Shanghai, Alfred Dunhill, 16th March, Recreation, Spirit of London…and giant Snow globe. In one word the short spectacular performance named ‘Trafalgar.’ Hosted by Dunhill himself, this timelessly elegant piece in Trafalgar square, showcases a luxury men’s brand across 64 Asian models in a simulation of the four …



Absolut Mystery: Limited Edition Experience

Absolut are being mighty mysterious about their new ‘Limited Edition Experience’ campaign – they’re putting the ‘extra’ in front of ‘ordinary’ in a city near you, and all we have to go on is the promise of a free drink, which coincidently, is definitely reason enough. It’s all about experiencing …