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BEAUTIFY: Tell your Mother…

If you had forgotten (although thanks to a huge amount of advertising from seemingly every brand ever, I hope you haven’t) it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday 30th March. Which means you need to make a big deal out of your mother for a day, tell her she’s great and cook …


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BEAUTIFY: Scrub it Up

Yep, it’s that time of year when you look down at your body and think hmmmm I think this needs a spruce up since I’m planning on being half naked in front of everyone at all times for the next few months just so I can get that extra shade …



BEAUTIFY: Shine Bright

Oil. Not just for your car- but for your body. Don’t ingest though, please.

Oil is great for skin and hair (and therefore a great multi-usage product) as it softens, tones and even removes frizz from everything it touches (turn to gold). Here is Beautify’s pick of the best oils:…



BEAUTIFY: Are you blushing?

Is it just me or is it too much of a beautiful coincidence that a blusher is called ‘Orgasm’. It’s like NARS chose that name just so that I could make a hilarious pun about blushing and orgasms. But don’t worry, I won’t. That would be way too obvious.

Instead …