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AWAY Spa Vitality Pool

BEAUTIFY: Away Spa, Singapore

I once said Su-man was ‘my favourite facialist in town‘. I now have to retract that statement; as the celebrity facialist will be taking her legendary Western meets Eastern infusion to W Singapore. So now I can happily say- she’s my favourite facialist in the world. Which may …



BEAUTIFY: FREE Crème de la Mer (Well, kind of)

Ever dreamed of having a Crème de la Mer pot on your beauty stand? No doubt it’s the dream of many- the luxury and science behind the famous brand and it’s unique Miracle Broth are the stuff of dreams. But the price, oh the price. A dream you can only …



In Focus: Destination Skin

It’s often hard to describe to people just why London Fashion Week is so tiring, darling. Maybe it’s the running around; maybe it’s the queuing and waiting about; maybe it’s the necessity of being ‘switched-on’ constantly. Or perhaps it’s the booze and the late nights? Whichever of the above combine …


Su man Finals-8217

BEAUTIFY: Su-man Summer Detox Tips

Famed for her much coveted facial at the W Hotel – this is a woman who knows a thing or two about living well and keeping looking good. (Look at her photo, guess her age. *Answer below) She told Notion a good few tips about how to change a little …



Joe Brummell #33– Anthony Sport

Spring is finally upon us, and although we should be wary of ‘peaking too soon’; it is time to start thinking about shorts and sunglasses. There are a few other things that need to be dealt with too. You might still be carrying Christmas weight, or panicking about how you’re …