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When the saints go machine press shot

Interview With Our BOTW: When Saints Go Machine

We caught up with our Band of the Week, When Saints Go Machine, via email, to get some insights into the mini-album...

PlanetNotion: Tell us about how you guys got started as WSGM?

Nikolaj Vonsild: Long story short. We all grew up in the same neighbourhood in Copenhagen. …



BOTW: When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever Review

It’s common advice that everything from political speeches to albums should “open with a bang”. Copenhagen’s When Saints Go Machine should achieve a medal, or some kind of Danish honorary certificate, for achieving this fantastically on their mini album, ‘Fail Forever’, which is set for release through K7! in January. …


BOTW: When Saints Go Machine – ‘Fail Forever’ video

And so we move onto day 2 of our Band of the Week bonanza, featuring Copenhagen’s When Saints Go Machine. After OBVIOUSLY having your appetites whet by our introduction to the band yesterday, y’all can now witness the (slightly harrowing) video for ‘Fail Forever’.

The video definitely hammers home the …