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Live Review: Parklife 2013

Parklife Festival, haven’t you grown. I remember when you were just a wee festival newbie, situated in the heartland of Manchester’s student community, where for £25 your average cool cat could lose themselves in some Fake Blood, a Friendly Fire or get acquainted with some Magnetic Men. …



Moodboard: Fake Blood

To mark the release of his latest project, FABRICLIVE 69, DJ/musician/producer Fake Blood – AKA Theo Keating – tells us about a few of his favourite things.


Spray Paint:

The potential compressed within each can. The weight in your hand. The soft liquidy clunk of the ball-bearing in …



Clouds: We MySpaced Tiga and he signed us

Clouds can spoil a day, but when the Clouds looming over you at night are shaped like two Scottish lads, the forecast is suddenly very very good. They’re signed to Turbo – this happened after they messaged label-boss Tiga with some of their tracks. Yes, they are really that good. …