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Wes Anderson’s Iconic Musical Moments

Since his 1996 feature-length Directorial debut, Wes Anderson and his films’ have had a unique, long-standing love affair with music. From Bottle Rocket to this year’s release The Grand Budapest Hotel, his very characters and story lines seem inextricably bound to their accompanying soundtrack. Like John Hughes and David Lynch …



Guest Playlist: Youan

Ahead of his new EP, Your Trust, dropping in August, mysterious UK producer Youan has offered up ‘Nightwalker‘ as a free download via Facebook. In honour of this, the elusive beat-maker has put together a playlist for us of his pre-party favourites; a compilation of tunes to fire



Preview: Frater Clothing Launch Night

Frater Clothing is a new company that do nice t-shirts and hoodies for men.  If you’re not a man, that doesn’t matter, because for their launch night they are hosting a gig which appeals to both men and women. So we’re all #winning.

The night in question will be held …