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The Field Report #7: So many additions, so little budget…

Festival season, like an impending wave of low pressure threatening to burst our river banks, is upon us. And to get our taste buds tingling, organisers have been chomping at the bit to let you know of their exclusive headline acts ready to define our summers. These days, the great



BOTW Review: Alex Barck – Reunion

If there’s one thing you can say about Reunion, the debut solo album from Berlin’s Alex Barck, it’s that it’s been a long time coming. Barck has forged a long and industrious career: as a founding member of German DJ collective Jazzanova, as an A&R manager at …


Rudimental week: Moodboard

As their album title Home would suggest, Hackney boys Rudimental are proud of their roots. Piers Agget informs us the word denotes more than just a physical dwelling-place for the band however, sharing with PlanetNotion the various sights and sounds that have inspired their work.


Hackney Mural

It represents …



BOTW Review: Close – Getting Closer

Will Saul is perhaps most famous for setting up Aus Music and Simple Records, producing some ravishing remixes – such as his brilliant recent re-imagining of Little Dragon‘s ‘Crystalfilm‘ – and manning the decks everywhere from London to Australia. But now under his new alias, Close, …



Introducing our BOTW: Close

You have to admire Will Saul. Over the last decade or so, the Somerset native has brought us two of the most esteemed imprints in electronic music in the guise of Simple and Aus Music, he’s been the musical delivery man for seminal releases from the likes of …