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Jacob Birge Vision Resort 2014 Editorial (4)

Talent Emerging: Jacob Birge

Jacob Birge, at the helm of his pioneering womenswear label, Jacob Birge Vision, is hell bent on creating a functioning wardrobe for the modern human. Interesting enough? We think so, which is why PlanetNotion caught up with Jacob to find out just how technology and multi-media platforms have dominated


Street Style 18.05.11 - HappyBecasue - Photo3

Street Style #1: Happy Because

A new weekly feature for you oh-so-lucky people, as Helen Turnbull works hard and digs deep to bring you the best examples of street style currently on the walkabout.

Spotlight: Happy Because

Boys and gals make some noise as I introduce to you; Frances Davison.

Say who?
Frances is an …